How would you judge a girl who dressed like this?

platinum blonde/white hair with blue streaks, a nose ring, a lip ring, very subtle and natural makeup, wears a lot of girlie clothes: pink, dresses, lace, bows, diamonds, heels, etc


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  • I'd think she was a Japanese / Anime type girl, into COS play.

    I'd be turned off by the nose/lip rings, but the hair with blue streaks might be interesting...

    • i'm a white girl from the south, and I HATE anime, like with a passion

    • That's why I don't make assumptions about people based on the way their dressed. :)

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  • Either a throwback hippie chick, or a girl DESPERATE for attention.

  • I would think she's a lesbo with the subtle hair part

    But I am one of those guys who believes piercings are ugly, so not to be blunt, but I would prob call you the ugliest woman in the world.

    • haha, that's funny. I'm the opposite. very straight, and according to most guys, very hot.

  • Very pretty, cute, feminine, cool N sexy all rolled into one...

  • what kind of music are you into?

    • alternative or indie rock

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    • not really. my sister is full out scene. her hair is similar to mine but her clothing and musical taste are WAY different. and my sis is a scene site model, so she's as close to "verified" scene as you can get.

    • ur still scene though

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