Is it normal for my boyfriend to be attracted to other women?

he says he has a certain "type" of girls he likes..i catch him repeatedly looking at girls (with long dark hair, nice eyes, edgy style) so I think that's what he likes..does his being attracted to and staring at other women harmless?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Maybe you should tell him if it bothers you, however, just because he's looking it doesn't have to mean he's not satified with you and rather would have them. So yeah, its very possible that its "harmless", but you should still ask him about it if you wanna know for sure.

    • well the thing used to bother me alot..but now I feel like I can handle it with more class and dignity..i know there are milllions of beautiful women out there, but I'm starting to realize the many great qualities about myself that I know my man loves about me..I think he's more than satisfied with me. maybe its just human nature for women and men to look at what they find attractive or beautiful? is what I'm thinking common?

What Girls Said 1

  • Getting into a relationship doesn't turn off your ability to find other people attractive. It's normal and in my opinion, harmless. Most people look, and looking doesn't automatically mean that you're interested in acting on that attraction.


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