Which gender stereotypes have affected you the most?

I'm planning on studying in college for a gender studies certificate, and I have a question for all of you.

Though many people think that sex and gender are the same thinkgs, they aren't. Sex is purely biological, and gender is a set of presumed personality traits and behaviors based on one's sex, more or less, usually refered to as "masculinity" or "femininity".

For example: Females wear dresses and guys play football.

What gender sterotypes have you broken that have had a negative affect on you socially, emotionally, physically, or in any other ways? I think we can all provide support for each other here.


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  • Well... I ride motorcycles, it has led to a lot of strange reactions. From guys thinking it's really cool, to guys being intimidated, to guys thinking I have no place on a bike and using threatening behavior enough to think I was in danger. I don't if I would call the experience negative though, as I think nowadays women can get away with practically anything and still find guys that will be attracted to them. I don't think men have it as easy, I believe the pressure to stay 'manly' and do nothing feminine is much higher. A girl can dress like a boy and she is stylish, a guy dresses like a girl and he is asking for trouble.

    • I haven't experienced the stereotypes quite that way. I've always gotten negative feedback for being a much more masculine girl, even though I don't believe my differences are that extreme. I applaud your motorcycle riding, by the way. I wish I had enough time to put into a new hobby like that. I've always wanted to learn to skateboard.

    • I haven't really recieved any negative feedback as far as dressing boyish, but regardless of how I dress I am a really fem looking girl. I have always kept my hair long and I love eyeliner... so that might have something to do with it, even in baggy jeans and a t-shirt nobody would confuse me with a guy.

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  • The football one is a biggie for me, hell, sport in general is something I don't partake in. It's lead to me being limited in terms of a peer group and a social life.

    Not that that's necessarily a bad thing as it's allowed me to throw myself into the gym with all my spare time. (I suppose that's yet another gender stereotype)

    Sure it's annoying not being able to join in conversations about sport (out of choice, I'll admit) but it's just because I simply don't enjoy sports outside the gym.

  • By virtue of being male, I'm automatically assumed to be a cheating, lying, womanizing, heartless snake until proven otherwise. I can live with basically all of the others.


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  • I personally try not to let gender roles affect me. The only one that really has is the one my boyfriend is struggling with, which is his inexperience with girls versus what is "expected" of him at his age. Before we started dating, his friends made fun of him for not trying to get with girls like they do. He's a virgin and I was his first real kiss (at age 19, mind you). I LIKE it, but the social pressure seems to make him nervous about doing stuff with me. His friends put sex on a pedestal and talk about it like some sporting activity, so I think he thinks sex with me will be some sort of "performance." I do my best to convince him otherwise, but it's hard.


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