Is it unattractive for a guy to have a small face?

I don't have a long face at all and it is actually kind of a short face... Don't give me a bunch of BS that it isn't about looks, it is 110% about looks and nothing else so stfu.


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  • what's a small face?

    I'd say it's 50% looks 50% personality. Looks are just as important as personality.

    Ugly with personality = friend

    Ugly w/o personality = loser

    Attractive with personality = perfect

    Attractive w/o personality = boy toy

    • It's absolute zero for personality. I wouldn't give a girl a chance at all if she werent at least a tiny bit attractive.

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    • So I must be top notch since I require personality AND looks? :) Well thank-you.

    • You asked what a small face was...well you know how guys typically have long faces? Well mine is small and round...

  • No, I woudln't say so

    "it is 110% about looks and nothing else so stfu." this attitude is unattractive


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