Why do guys like her? Is this body type attractive?

This girl, she's I a sorority as I am too. I and many other girls happen to be thin, feminine, with slender bodies, and I will give her credit, she's cute as a button,but she's a sprinter in track an her body is sort of like these: link

And no offense but I'm white and she's mixed with black and Mexican and most guys prefer white girls cause we are more feminine.Guys seems to drool over her, even the frat boys and guy athletes. They even choose to hang out with her like friends over hanging out with me and my sorority sisters. They go to football ad basketball games together, they hang out and go out to eat.Why? She has a manly body.
More attractive than this body type? link
But guys keep in mid that she eats alot,she and her fried who guys also love and is I track said they eat like 3000-4000 calories and they do eat alot! Wouldn't you rather a girl who eats healthy?
Whatever at least 1 person had sense


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  • i like the 2nd girl more

    • Thank you finally someone who has sense

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    • Talk about what? I know the second body type is more attractive and guys prefer feminine white girls no offense over mixed girls who are muscular

    • funny how everyone else tells you you're an idiot yet you still think you're right and have sense

      close minded much?

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  • I've been around enough sororities to learn that more often than not, attitudes come to play. Never in all my years have I gained any positive attention from sorority babes because that kind of arrogance and self-dignity that most men simply cannot tolerate. Now that I am older and wiser, it takes more than a hot body to gain my interest in a woman.

    I don't give a rootin-tootin-flying hoot how pretty a woman may be. If she's "Hell-On-A-Broom", I have nothing for her, even for sex.

  • They let just anybody go to college these days, don't they?

    • Well she's an athlete with a scholarship so not really

    • I was referring to you.

    • I'm smart thank you very much

  • Maybe guys don't like racist girls like you?

    • I'm not being racist I am being honest these white guys happen to like her

    • Classic.

  • I personally like the second body type more. It's more feminine and more to my liking.

    • Thank you!The girl is muscular and manly and eats like a pig

  • Wow... where do you go? Ol' Miss? you're so ignorant

    • And in G Phi?

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    • Mississippi is filled with blacks haha, I think someone from Arkansas or 'Bama is more likely to say that, or east Tx

    • I think you need some brain to get into 'Bama... Maybe Georgia Southern? People like her meaning the ignorant southern bell who thinks her sh*t doesn't stink... Or maybe South Carolina... I think she's a gamecock G Phi girl

  • You are very vain and pathetic

  • Those bodies are hot too.

    Specially their legs

  • wow you're exactly the girl I wouldn't go after

    • Why?

    • you judge everyone so much. Who gives a F if she eats a lot? her skin color? My girlfriend eats probably the same amount and we're both college athletes. I don't care what she puts in her body because, it's not mine, she's an athlete she knows what her body needs and she can still out perform almost anyone when she gets into the boat. Guy's don't always like to do what the girl wants to do and if you feel like the girl is down to go to a game I'd take her over a girl that needs to be catered to

    • Well guys like white girls more so I was just wondering why they would choose her over our sisters who are white and eating a lot isn't lady like

  • you can already tell she doesn't really care about anything while you over analyze everything and think you deserve everything... when guys want a girl that low work. Think what a guy would sound like if he said the same thing...


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  • I'm dying to know what it is that's more feminine about white girls than any other race. Seriously please let me know lol

    And maybe they like her more because she isn't an ignorant, hating, racist, dumb, judgmental bitch who has to go to the extent of deluding herself into believing that everyone else is weird for hanging out with her over you. Maybe YOU are the one with the issue and not everyone else...Pathetic

    • I was just about to say that. Good work, you are wise beyond your years. I regret that I am beyond your years in dating material. (sob)

  • you need to get off your high horse and stop being rascist. Maybe you need to realize that the reason guys aren't drooling over you is that your stuck up and not open minded. Perhaps the reason this girl gets more attention is because she doesn't go judging others and acts like HERSELF, whether it be eating 4000 calories a day or having an athletic build or just being outgoing and humerous. Think twice before you wonder why people aren't picking you when you act jelous?

  • Stop being jealous and shallow. Guys like her, maybe because she is just a fun person.Being white also doesn't make you better looking. Maybe you and your jealous friends' attitude towards her is what is unattractive to those guys.

  • Here's a thought...maybe, just maybe, they like her personality :o I know, I know it's a hard concept to grasp but that's just how it is.

    • girls don't have personalities

    • @update: okay you're clearly an idiot. If she runs track and always working out then she HAS to eat that much. That doesn't mean it's not healthy. If she didn't eat a lot then she wouldn't have any energy to work out and run or gain muscle. Wow, do some research, you don't know wjat you're talking about.

  • 'most guys prefer white girls cause we are more feminine'

    JESUS. how did you come up with this crap?

    • Yeah... Rosanne Barr comes to mind.

      Do you think she is serious (meaning an idiot), or just trying to provoke people?

    • lmfao @ rosanne barr.

      and unfortunately, I believe she is being serious...

  • 1) If they are hanging out with her, going out to eat and going to games, then it isn't about her body, she's just chill, low maintenance and probably not a complete girlie girl.

    2) To most guys the face is most important and you even admitted that she's cute.

    3) Most athletes eat 2,000+ calories a day. They need it because it gives them energy and they usually get it from "good foods" such as lean meats, fish, fruits, veggies etc. Clearly they have no problem with her eating habits and if anything they probably enjoy chilling with a girl who doesn't give a damn about calories and gaining weight, an if she does complain, it's more of a "I need to eat more" complaint, which is probably refreshing.

    4) Being as how I am part Hispanic and black, I'm not offended by a jealous crunchy white girl, but mixed people are generally rarely ugly, just sayin'

    5) Your personality is just great, kid me not, why wouldn't they want to hang out with you?

  • Maybe she's more fun to be around. Low-maintenance girls are a lot more tolerable for guys to hang out with.


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