Start up business ideas?

I think I want to start my own business, but I don't really know what yet. Anyone got any ideas? I only have around 20k to invest. A lot of people have been telling me to start a pie shop because I make really good pies, but anything food related takes a lot of money to start. I also love music and play 3 instruments so I was thinking something music related, I just don't know what with the small amount of money I have. Help me out people!


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  • still need an idea? I'm in retail and I might have a good idea for you, maybe even a supplier. At the moment I own a dvd shop combined with oil fragrance burners and essential oils, I'm thinking of closing up the dvd part of the store and renting it out to a pharmacist.

    Starting an oil fragrance shop is pretty lucrative combining it with essential oils which are pricier though, you should also sell eastern meditating stuff like incense and cone holders and little buddhas figurines.

    The fragrance of the store alone if your in a mall is enough to attract customers. I think 20k would be enough to start a thing like that, I only started it with 10k, the rest was furnishing went to garage sales to buy that furniture and give it a homelike and feng shui look, just needed some sand paper and farnish with a couple of mirrors on the wall with good lighting.


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