Going out alone, can you do it? How do you do it?

My friends are just too boring, I ask them to go out with me and it takes days for them to plan it... With their bfs they go out religiosly

There is a Film Festival going on in My city and I wanted someone to go with me, I guess they don't care That much for me, funny That when I say I wanna move to another Country they all say no don't leave me...

I really wanted to see the movies but I ve never Been to the movies alone, I think people will look at me with pity, I just feel embarassed...

So how can I do it, is it odd, don't you feel bad in this situation?

Any tips?


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  • There's nothing with going to the movies alone. Nobody cares once the lights go out and the movie starts - in facts it like a brief communal experience with strangers because you're experiencing the same movie together. Again, no one is going to care that you're there by yourself unless the movie is horribly boring.

    But yeah, you should dress up and think on the bright side. When you're by yourself, you don't have to worry about your friends judging you! It doesn't hurt to hold random conversations with strangers from time to time, who knows, maybe you'll make more friends.

    • well I guess people are not really open to make more friends after you out of college...

  • Going out by yourself is easy. Feeling confident the whole time is not. My personal tact is this:

    1)Dress up. Because if you feel hot it shows in the way you walk.

    2) Wear stiletto heels. Again you feel hot and they are a fantastic weapon, just incase you need one. (Did you know it only takes 90lbs of force to put a stiletto heel through a human skull?)

    3) Do the things your friends would never approve of. If they aren't out with you don't do what they'd expect of you.

    4) When sitting alone have a drink or snack in your hand and look at guys like you are shopping for your favorite accessory. (People don't pity you if you look like its your choice.)


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