Do you have a checklist when finding a mate?

I'm talking about when you first look at someone so just the physical stuff

Do you like a certain feature and try to look for people with that(hair, body shape, legs, face)

I like girls that are tall with long legs, nice lips with a good smile, long hair, and long eyelashes

But I've seen people with none of these but who I still feel attracted to, but is it the same for all of you?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Well I don't really care what the guy looks like. But there are some things I don't want. No long hair, no ghetto personality or saging pants, no short guys, no gay acting guys, and that's about it. Besides those things I don't care but personally my ideal guy would have brown hair, blue eyes, maybe about 6 feet tall, wears converse, dresses exceptable, isn't all muscley, skinny but fit, can make me laugh, sweet, kind, caring, has a job and a car, loves me for me, has a dog, smart, uplifting and confident, comforts me when I'm sad, isn't a crazy sex freak (he's willing to wait), won't pressure me into doing anything I do t want to do, doesn't smoke or do drugs, and has a great face shape and smile <3 well that's my perfect guy, he probably doesn't exist but that's my perfect guy. But as I said I don't care what he looks like just as long as he has a good personality and can make me laugh. :)


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What Girls Said 1

  • Nah, there's nothing physical that I consider mandatory. I TEND to be attracted to guys with dark hair, though. And guys who aren't super macho-looking.


What Guys Said 2

  • must be skinny and short.

  • are they attractive: Yes/No

    are they a b'itch: Yes/No

    Yes yes = I'll f you only

    Yes no = I'd date you


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