She was the nicest girl but she had a boyfriend. I couldn't, now she acting stuck up what do I do?

I have so much on my plate. So many opportunities to make some serious cash way over seven figures I'll even be in the media spotlight soon. And have a life style with a genuine mysterious personality most girls dream of. She didn't know me and she fell for me because she lusted for me after she noticed all the girls and even her friends liked me and wanted me they were all so horny when I showed up. It was crazy. How do you deal with a girl that has so many guys that want her but used to want me like crazy instead. She was so loyal and protective. But she refused to let me talk to her. It never happened because she had a man she loved also. Now she's so stuck up, she's treating me like a nobody that she doesn't know at all and is clingy for saying hi that's it, she hasn't seen me in three months. What gives? she hangs the phone up on me. I'm trying to tell her it was because she hads a man on my last conversation I said it was OK she liked anther man. I just wanted peace back between me and her. I'll then move on and forget about her. I wanted to keep the good memories. She said she doesn't have the time for all that. She said look their is someone on the other line and hung up. She never behaved this way in the past. She was so in love everyone of her friend just loved me also. What happened? She will get my letter that says I had all the same feelings but she had a man she loved also. And about my future business venture. And in the end it says. I'm not trying to be your friend I had liked you to much. I'm sorry. I just had to finally get this all out of my heart for good and into yours and part ways if it wasn't meant to be... Any advice? She thinks she's all that and everyone is all over her.


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  • Let her be. She was obviously caught up in the moment when all of her friends became interested in you and wanted to join in on the fun. If she truly cared about you she would've ditched the other guy and put all of her attention on you. It seems like you're a good guy with a bright future and a lot to offer, so keep your head up and keep dating. It'll only get worse once you're in the public eye. People will put on an act for you, but as long as you have respect for yourself you'll see right through the fake-ness like you did with this girl. You'll meet someone who treats you like gold and who would kill to have a 30-second conversation with you on the phone.

    Best of luck! :-)


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