Does anyone want to give me a spring makeover?


Length-- short or long?

Style-- curly or straight?

Color-- red, blond, dark brown, or light brown?

MAKEUP-- please link some pictures of makeup looks you think would work, or videos showing how to do specific makeup looks

CLOTHING-- go to and link sets you think would look good on me

These pictures are examples of me on a normal day: link


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  • Go natural. I'm liking the longer hair in your natural color (plus cost and effort savings, not to mention healthier hair) and whatever makeup you choose GO LIGHT. LIKE, REALLLLLY LIGHT. Contrary to what is apparently popular belief, most guys find much more than a light touch up (if even that) too much makeup. You should be comfortable in YOUR skin, not what you can make yourself look like with glorified face paint. As far as clothing, I'd go with something with nice bright colors to go with your hair.

    Good luck :)


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  • Hair - Long.

    Style - Both straight and curly would look great on you.

    Colour - I wouldn't go to crazy, Light brown or a natural red would go well.

    Makeup- I'm lazy about links, do something natural or try a smokey eye, use brown tones.

    Clothing - Cute, patterned, knee-length summer dresses.


  • Put some relaxer on it, dye it red, and get it layered, flippy hair would look awesome on you.

  • what's your budget for this makeover? if you have about $40,000, here's what you should do:

    get a nose job. sorry, but it's huge. ski slope noses are the thing now

    shave down the chin and round it out

    get lip injections. yours are so thin

    take fat from your stomach and have it put in your cheeks. kill two birds with one stone

    get a boob job. any girl under a D cup needs one

    have your skin chemically dyed. not too dark, just a little tanner

    have your hair chemically straightened and dye it a medium brown

    go all out at juicy couture. that's the best place for girls to shop

    see your dermatologist and get the red spots on your face zapped off. then for makeup you'll only need some brown eyeshadow, mascara, and clear lip gloss


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