Jeans and t-shirts/ variety/ designer?

Would you date a guy who only wears jeans and t-shirts, or would you prefer some variety/designer clothes


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  • I am currently. I don't care about guys shopping or knowing particular designers/ designer brands, most don't anyways. As long as he knows how to dress, and put an outfit together, I doesn't matter where it comes from. More of a variety is good. I have a pet peeve about guys who constantly wear track pants and hoodies even if they are name brand..

    • Pity so many people dislike that, it's so damn comfortable, it's like you never got out of bed!

    • Yea, comfortable definitely. Attractive in anyway, No.

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  • i would love a guy who knows how and where to wear them. but yea I go for designer's clothes... I go for elegance.

    Then again I hate extremely tight clothes (specially those skinny boy's jeans) and too flashy colours on guys. And sometimes you just have got to wear a jean and a t-shirt!

  • yeah I would date a guy that wears jeans and t-shirts and personally I don't really care about designer brands and all. but, in saying that I wouldn't want a guy turning up in a t-shirt to a formal event :/


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