The sly glance when I spoke and he turned and looked when standing at a door?

So, he was sitting down and when I spoke to my gran he looked up at me and kinda smiled, he also turned and looked though to where I was sitting when he was standing at the doorway of the kitchen - which was perpendicular to the room I was in.

He also showed interest when I was working on some school work (he's a smart person) and when I asked him a question at the same time someone else spoke to him he looked and smiled again.

Assuming he was a random guy would this be a sign he was interested? (for future reference)

and even weirder, what would you think of this if the guy was... your cousin?


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  • He likes you.

    And about cousin thing. He can like you as a person. I don't know what he thinks.

    • ok thanks

      i just thought about it and wondered that if he wasn't related, whether it could be taken as a sign he's interested in me

    • yes it could

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