Would I look good tan?

actually I'm Persian(if you know what that means!), my hair is brown, and I have almost dark green eyes. my skin is white, not so pale though.

i never tried getting sun tan, but I'm thinking about it for this summer, would I look good tan while I have dark hair?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Don't go overboard there are some white girls who got tanned and one literally looks orange and the other brown, I've heard there are creams that give a less orange look and also no cancer, so that's always good

    I personally don't like fake tan but if you want to do it

    Also, never really understood the tan line in your private area as it grosses me out more than turning me on


What Girls Said 1

  • Pale skin rocks! Tan skin is gross, sometimes orange, and screams "FUTURE SKIN CANCER PATIENT!"

    It sounds like you have contrast between your hair, eyes, and skin. That's nice.

    Dark hair + dark eyes + dark skin = boring. There's no contrast. No interest.


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