How can I look tan without getting suntan?

like really I don't like to be tan, but I want to try something new for my look. something temporary. is there any cream or anything else I can use to help me look tan temporarily and I can wash or remove is easily after a while? please help me with specific brand and guide me where can I get one if there is any



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  • Get a professional spray tan. They can last a few days to a few weeks. Never buy spray tan anywhere, always get it professionally done, unless you like to be orange. I do not know your area, but many tanning booth places also offer spray tans. Oh, and did I mention it is safer than a natural tan? No UV rays pushing on your skin! Hope this helps with your quest!

    • so I need to go to spy salons or is there any where specifically about tanning stuffs?

    • Once again, I do not know the area in which you live in so I do not know places in your area. However, you probably know some tanning salons, go there, just don't get in a booth, its bad for your skin and if your under 30 its even worse. However, If spray tan is not the way you want to go. You can try a cream. Jergens has some tanning cream my mom lives by, although it takes a few weeks to start working.

    • sorry I forgot to mention, I'm on Houston,tx

      i see, tnx for your helpp :)

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  • spray tan


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  • well if you don't want a sun tan you can try indoor tanning its temporary and I like it better than spray tanning it gives you a prettier color but that's up to u, lotions turn your hands orange and they stink!


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