Tell me what you think of these two outfits! Please help me!

tell me what you think of these two outfits

a)a black cotton halter top dress like: link ; with a pink belt like: link ; a black bolero like: link and link


b) a zebra print skirt like this: link ; with either a yellow or black shirt like this without the stripe: link and black stockings with peep toe black pumps


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  • Zebra print rules.


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  • first outfit:

    cute dress, nice bolero- but I wouldn't wear the belt. the dress already has some nice details around that area anyhow...the heels add a nice splash of color by the way :)

    second outfit:

    that black top is gorgeous. I personally don't really like wearing animal print skirts, but I can see it working, especially with the peep-toe pumps.

    if I had to pick one outfit, I'd choose the second one :)

  • A: Loose the belt and if you want the jacket, then try to choose another color or pattern.

    B: I think this outfit will do. Stick with the black shirt instead of the yellow.

    My vote goes to B.

  • Both outfits are bright, colorful, and cute. I like the first one a little better, though.


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