What is it with the short girls?

you would think short girls would not mind dating slightly short guys (5'5-5'8) but it seems all the girls under 5'4 on here will not date a guy under 6 feet, what gives? does the guy really have to be a whole foot taller than you? 3-5 inches won't do?


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  • i like taller gurs, but it's just because I'm tall, and I think I would feel a little self conscience with a guy who was shorter. espesically because I have long legs, and I'd be afraid that a shorter guy wouldn't like my legs as much as a taller guy would, if that makes any sense? lol but if he had a good personality, it wouldn't stop me from dating him.

    • see but that's OK because you are tall I'm talking specifically about short girls

    • oh, well never mind then lol

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  • Just like how most fat men don't want a fat girl.

    Or how average/ugly men want an above average/hot girl.

    Or non virgin men want a virgin girl.

    Or single fathers don't want single mothers.

    Or old men don't want a woman who isn't 10-20 years younger than him.

    So if you believe that short girls should only get short guys do you think all men should look for their physical equal?

    • you can't change height

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    • ok so tell me this then if all girls prefer guys 6 feet and over, can a guy who is not over 6 feet get love without having to get risky treatments?

    • "all girls prefer guys 6 feet and over"

      Don't make generalizations it's never all guys/girls unless it's all guys/girls will die.

      Not everyone will find love some die alone.

      Saying short guys can't find love is like saying ugly girls can't.

      You can find love but not everyone is going to love you.

  • I'm 4' 11" and I won't be getting any taller! (Yes I am an adult) My boyfriend of 2 years is 6 foot. I do like tall guys because I want to feel like my man can protect me and I love the way He can make me feel so tiny and safe when we're laying in bed together My shortest boyfriend I've ever had was 5' 6" or so. I'm just attracted to tall guys.

    • but would you date a guy who is 5'6 or 5'7 ?

    • Yes. I would. I just happened to fall in love with a tall guy. =)

  • I have to say as another tall girl I used to get angry at the short girls who would only go for the really tall guys- leaving me and my taller friends dating guys shorter than us. But I suppose there's alway the question of why giant men want really small women?

  • I'm 5'2 and my husband is 5'7 or so. For me height was never an issue I just wanted him to be taller than me, which isn't difficult ;P

  • I'm 4'9" and my boyfriend is like 5'8" the height of a guy really doesn't make a difference to me


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