Why is it that when I look at a girl I think is hot, many times she will look back at me in a flirty way?

many times she will look back at me in a flirty way

but if I look at another girl who is maybe not as good looking but I still think is attractive, that girl will not look back at me

also why are girls so strict about "not chasing guys"? I know I am a good looking guy and I see them looking at me so why don't they just come up to me and talk? especially because I am a quiet guy


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  • probably the hot ones look back at you in a flirty way because they're confident to do it and do not need to approach you, expecting you will. the ones who do not do it can be for lack of confidence no necessary that they think they got it easy but just maybe wondering that the reason you're looking at then is because they've got a monkey stuck on their faces or something more irrational than just the fact you might find them attractive, specially if you are an attractive guy.

    the rest they might not be interested...

    about the chasing guys.. because it generally might look needy and we believed enjoy the pleasure of hunting, and if we put it to easy you will lose interest... although here's a tip for you... you might think you have chosen us, you might have done all the work, but truth is we just let you believe that. lol


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  • I think the reason why most attractive girls don't come up to guys, is cause they can afford not to, really. Some other guy is bound to eventually have the courage to come up and ask. Something like that. xD


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  • To be honest most hot girls don't chase guys even if they are hot guys because they don't need to. There are plenty of guys (hot or not) that will have the balls to go up to them and hit on them.

    • also why don't you try to go out of your comfort zone and become less quiet and shy? take my word for it, I used to be really shy but when I realized that this was negatively affecting me I tried my best to overcome it. Now I am a bit better and it has really paid off. I can talk to random girls on the street, even more than one sometimes, get phone numbers etc. Approaching strangers is really not as bad as it seems.

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    • lol no I don't really have radical changes in moods really. I mean when I'm drunk I guess but not naturally. my advice to improve:

      a) just do it don't make excuse if you get rejected or it goes horrible don't let it get you down and just take it as some learning experience.

      b) what helped me a lot was having a ultra confident flatmate, look for role models, emulate them, don't be afraid to flatter them and ask for tips. the otehr good thing is he might help you by setting you challenges. like

    • he will take 20 bucks from me and give me 5 back every time I talk to a random girl he points out for me. you will soon realize talking to a stranger is not worth losing 5 bucks over.

      c) just practice constantly and soon you will become more and more natural. social skills is just like any other skill in life, it can be improved with practice.

  • Only god knows and you can go talk to them to :)


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