Good eye contact, attractive or intimidating?

I am attracted to men who make good eye contact, I think it shows interest and a certain level of self confidence. I am wondering if it works in the other direction too, or is it more intimidating if a woman/girl makes good eye contact?


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  • I've always believed that the eyes are the windows to the soul. People might think I'm crazy, but I believe that true eye contact allows you to see past the surface and beyond our white lies. Some guys are attracted to the "chest" others to legs, but me, I'm a face person. It's usually the first thing I notice and I always start with the eyes. I feel that eye contact is a bit more intimate and some guys might not mind that, while others might feel that it's too intimate. Of course there may be women out there that feel that way as well. Make good eye contact with me followed by real conversation and I'll be happy. :)

  • attractive


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