What do girls see as attractive?

what do girls see as attractive?

what do you look for in guys?


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  • -A man who doesn't look at every walking human female...and hound at them.

    -A man who is only interested in one girl at a time.

    -A man who is responsible...and takes responsibility for his actions.

    -A man who is legit with his feelings.

    -A man who has manners & respect.

    -A man who is clean...like showered..and wearing clean clothes.

    -A man who is doesn't act like he can get any girl.

    -A man who doesn't act like he's the best in everything.

    -A man who isn't a show off.

    -A man who is willing to listen..even if they think we are being loony. haha

    -A man who takes care of himself. Who isn't over weight...some chubby is okay like on your stomach...I kind of like my boyfriend's miniature gut..hhaaaha..and I DON'T like ripped muscles..like the ones where you see guys on those work out commercials...yuck ...I know, I am weird.

    -A man who is willing to admit that he needs me in his life.

    -A man who isn't loud and obnoxious.

    -A man who isn't all about fighting..(a guy whistles...and my boyfriend suddenly goes and fights him)...turn off. Not saying he does that...just an example. Although, I can understand circumstances..him fighting or saying something..


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  • Physically - height, penis size, facial attractiveness, six pack,young no guys older than me don't like dinosaurs they're hypocritical and never go out with women their own age

    Intellectually - general and world knowledge

    Emotionally - maturity, compassion, affectionate, communicative

    Psychologically - stable

    Morally - no rape, no grey rape (underage but legal, drunk sex), believes in equality, despises pedophiles and rapists

  • i assume some girls are into shy guys, but I haven't met any yet... the most all-inclusive answer I can give is CONFIDENCE, but remember that there's a fine line between confidence and arrogance/jackassery. you don't have to act like a player, just be yourself in an outgoing way.

    also, gelled up hair is disgusting, and too much Axe smells rancid-- stick to hair that won't get her hands stuck in it, and personally I'm a big fan of old spice!

    physically, every girl sizes up a guy in a different order, so that's just a crapshoot--sry!

    • Eh jackassery can be hilarious; I love to act like a jackass, cracks me up!

  • Manliness is what I look for...

    • Elaborate, please.

    • A guy who knows how to take care of himself, knows how to deal with things. A man who is in control of his life. Someone who stands up for himself and his principles. Someone who has the guts to admit he's wrong, who has the guts to say he's in love with a girl and who is rough and gentle at the same time. It's hard to explain... Depends on what people think is manly of course. In my perception, the word manly would describe my perfect man...

  • It all depends on the girl and her preferences.

  • Guys that actually look like Men. I'm not a big fan of the "baby faces"


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