Are hair extensions really that bad?

I wear hair extensions right now. They're aren't crazy long (down to pretty much the top of my boobs, maybe like and inch or two longer)

But I feel like guys always say they don't want to date a girl with extensions. I have them in now because I just think I look better with longer hair and my hair takes a while to grow

Are they really a deal breaker? Or does is just depend on the guy?


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  • guys also think celebrities are 'naturally beautiful'

    i wear extensions, as does every single model and most girls.

    guys are most attracted to confidence, so if you're confident wearing them, they'll be more guys attracted to you than the few who wouldn't be because you have extensions. makes sense? I'm sure they look great! :)


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  • Nah I love hair extensions... I think they look really sexy. I've never had to wear extensions because my hair is fairly long. But a guy shouldn't judge you on your hair... That's mad retarded ._. If you like it, keep it... Its basically to make yourself happy not anyone else.

  • some guys like to scream they like natural but if you like it I say why not who cares what he thinks

    • That's true

      lol I think its funnier when they can't even tell they're extensions. I have not had one single person EVER guess that my hair wasn't all real lol

    • i know it makes no sense!

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