What is lymphatic cancer?

I just recently found out my friend has stage 4 lymphatic cancer. What does this mean and what are the chances of him getting better. Please no trolling,this is a really serious question and situation.


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  • To put it as simply as I can... cancer is any unregulated cell growth. It can spread from region to region, and one of the ways it spreads is via the lymphatic system, which can be thought of as the bodys motorway system for cancers.

    Stage 1 cancer is typically localised in an area. e.g. Breast, liver, brain, etc...

    Stage 2 is when the cancer has begun to spread locally, via the lymphatic system.

    Stage 3 is when the cancer is now advanced in multiple regions

    Stage 4 is when the cancer has infected the lymphatic system itself and is widespread.

    Now, all of that is wrong in detail but it's the best and simplest overview I can give you. In actuality, stages are specific for each type of cancer, and some don't even have staging systems.

    For most cancers, Stage 4 is usually terminal. Depending on the type of cancer your friend has, the odds of your friend getting better are less than 1%. His five year survival probability can range anywhere from 4% to 90%, but actually getting better and going into full remission is extremely rare.

    If I'm correct in assuming that what you call lymphatic cancer, I would know as Hodgekins disease then there's potentially good news. Hodgekins has a 10 year overall survival rate of 90% at *any* stage of its progression. Some patients, with treatment can live between 25-40 years.

    There is another class of cancers, though, called Non-Hodgekins. It's about a dozen or so unrelated cancers that have grouped together simply because they are not the Hodgekins version. Some are relatively tame. Some are extremely lethal. Without knowing the specifics of your friends case, I can't give any more information.

    For your friends sake, I think Hodgekins stage 4 is his best hope, for any chance at long term survival.

    • Thanks that was really informative and I talked to my friend that is actually suffering from cancer and he said that the doctors told him it's 100% curable I just hope he isn't sugar coating it or just plain lying.

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  • From my experience tage four is almost always terminal. My ex-bff's mom as well as my great uncle had lymphatic and it is probably the most devestating. It spreads through your system really really fast since it is the immune system. He will have a repressed immune system and having pnemonia is not good. Perhaps really aggresive chemo will give him a little while longer. Just prepare yourself and be in it for the long haul. While I personally do not see it getiing better that is for the doctors to say. Both people I knew lived about 4 years after they were diagnosed but it was early in the cancer. Really I hope for the best it's not a fun situation to be in. All you can do is be supportive. Good luck.

    • Thanks and I talked to him today but he said that he talked to the doctors and it's 100% curable. So hopefully the person who told me it was stage 4 was misinformed. I hope my friend isn't sugar coating it.

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    • Awesome love the fact that the doctors said it was cureable just be OK with some really horrible stuff cancer treatments are not fun. I'm rooting for him.

    • Thanks,I appreciate it and I'm sure he would too and I'm definitely rooting for him too and I'm sure he can do it.

  • your cute(:

    • Thanks but that doesn't really answer the question but I think everybody else already did that so it's okay.

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  • It's that Fukishima plant you know... a couple weeks my lymph nodes were swollen, but the next day they were cool again, and they are fine now.

    • He actually has cancer not just swelling and I wonder if it was because of the plant explosion. He's stationed in Washington and I wonder if the radiation or something got to him.

    • Yeah I'm right to the north in BC.

      I was looking at a map of radioactive strontium deposits around the world many years ago and I noticed that it was highest in the Pacific Northwest. That's because all the water-laden air moving across the Pacific hits the Coast and Cascade mountains first and thus 'dumps much of its load' on the unsuspecting populace.

    • Yeah man I heard they we're passing out warnings and stuff a couple of days after the explosion I just hope he gets better.

  • Like the guy said if they are malignant tumors then that is not a good thing and he will most likely have to do some type of cancer therapy; however, if it is benign, the tumors will not spread and they will most likely just operate on it. I hope for your friend that it is benign but if it is malignant don't start crying just yet. My mom had throat cancer (not sure what type) and she survived and went into remission. The best thing is to just stay positive. The negative news is stage 4 usually means it is growing. Just hope for the best :)

    • Thanks y'all man you really summed it up pretty good and thanks for the positive attitude. I hope I can stay positive too and just do the only I can do for him which is to pray.

    • Exactly man, never give up hope. Glad I could help!

    • Yeah well thanks man,again I really appreciate it.

  • the lymph system is a collection of ducts that take extra cellular fluid derived from blood back to the heart, the lymph system meets with circulatory system in the smallest portion when venials meant with arteials which are in things like your fingers and muscles stuff like that when the veines meet the arteries in tissue the veins do not take back all the blood this left over fluid is called lmyph and it gets taken up by the lymph system and it rejoins the circulatory system in the heart, so if he has lymph cancer I would assume it would be a cancer of the lymph nodes are responsible in large part for our immune system, so I would assume he would have a suppressed immune system, this isn't good if its malignant it will spread fast

    • They said he had pneumonia and they found a bunch of tumors and stuff. So do you know what are the chances of him getting better with everything?

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    • chemo will probably be his only option I'm sorry I sad no hope there is always hope

    • Thanks for being so informative but this isn't making me feel any better which I wasn't it expecting it to I just wanted the facts which you've been kind enough to provide. Thanks for the support. I hope I can stay positive.

  • Lymph nodes are small organs spread all over the body; they serve as a major part of the immune system. Lymphatic cancer (Lymphoma) is easy to treat in early stages, but spreads quickly through lymph nodes and blood, and is one of the hardest to treat due to its quick metastasization rate. The way that the lymphatic system works means that mutated lymphocytes spread all throughout the body, including bone marrow, making it a systemic disease quite quickly. It's possible he had another type of cancer that metastasized and spread through reproduction in his lymph nodes (which would make it even harder to catch.)

    I'm sorry for you, man. I just had a good family friend die from breast cancer. It was in remission but had a very quick resurgence and she passed within months. However cliche it may sound, you gotta be strong, just like he is. Cancer is devastating.

    Best wishes.

    • Thanks man I appreciate the info and I'm sorry about your loss. Like I've been telling other people I actually talked to him today and he said the doctors told him it's 100% curable and he's in chemo now. I just hope he isn't lying about anything.

    • Good to hear! It's tough, but I'm sure he can do it!

    • Yeah,thanks. I'm sure he can too.

  • google it


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