Could somebody give me fashion advice?

.I've looked the same for years with a jeans and hodie look with sneakers (unless its a party and I dress up) and not really fit but not fat. I look average and I'm bored with it. I'm confident in who I am and what I do.. But sometimes I feel all too bored with my lack of fashion sense.

does anybody know any good sites that could help me on my quest? Fashion magazines? Sites? TV shows? Books? Songs? Anything? any advice helps thanks.

any personal advice?


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  • Cosmo? I'vs seen chicks read that... Dunno. How about this, look at pictures of celebrities, find bits and pieces of their outfits you really like, find a bunch of them and construct your own outfits from there. Or an easier way is just to go into shops and look at the stuff you like. Other than that google is always your freind, you can probably read fashion articles all over the place on the web.

    But again, style questions are so much better answered when we have pictures of outfits etc... We can't know what might or might not fit you if we only have a mild imagined impression of what you may or may not look like...


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  • Magazine wise.

    Look is good - you're in the UK right? I mean, it's good because it might not necessarily show the hight of fashion, but it does show you the highstreet version of them - so it's affordable. And they do tend to mix up the styles.

    Good old vogue is always full of ideas, but it's expensive and it's not going to show you things you can buy - so have a sneeky flick through on the shelf to get ideas, but if you're not into fashion, I wouldn't bother paying out for it. It's just to show you what's really on trend, and then kind of spotting those things replicated in store.

    TV shows - a bit of good old Gok Wan. I mean, he does kind of know what he's talking about. Especially shape wise. I love how he pretty much tells you that anyone can wear anything - they just have to make it look right i.e if you buy a top that should look horrible on you shape wise, you can do all sorts to it to make it right. He's full of little tips like that which can change an outfit.

    Otherwise - just shop around. Look at people on the street. I know a lot of people look at celebrities, but eh - you're never really going to look quite as good. You don't have millions of pounds, you don't have well paid photographers, and you don't get airbrushed before everyone sees you. So when you're out shopping look at what other people are wearing and if you see something you like or think might look good on you - try and find that, or ask them where they got it.

    Shop around, go everywhere. Even stores that don't look like they'd be for you - you can find things in the strangest of places. Charity shops, vintage stores, even the well known shops you usually avoid. Don't put all your eggs in one basket as they say.

    Buy things you like. Don't necessarily shop in outfits, or you're stuck wearing it with one thing - at least that's what I do. When I buy something as an outfit, it's rare I deviate from it. If you see something you like - get it. You probably already have something it will go with somewhere.

    And don't forget accessories - they change something which could look completely boring into something cool or unique. is just full of people who look cool.


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