How can I get a sexier body?

I get told I'm too thin, a bag of bones, need to eat more ect. My BMI is 17.6 so only a little bit underweight. What should I eat to bulk out a bit & get curvier? I think I eat pretty well.

for example this is what I ate today

breakfast- Banana smoothie

morning tea- 4 cinnamon hot doughnuts

lunch- deli style sandwich (big) with salad, ham & relish

dinner- pasta

dessert- ice cream and mangoes

I don't do any intense exercise, mainly just walking, but I should probably do more as it's probably muscle that I'm lacking.

Apparantly the pill makes you put on weight & get bigger boobs. Maybe I should go on it? I'm not having sex (never had a boyfriend) but I get problems with my period sometimes.


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  • You sound actually in good condition, maybe some more exercise but that would change your eating habits to the point where if you stop exercising you will still have that hunger. Only exercise and eat more if you think you can commit to it, maybe play a sport.


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  • well if you want the best body ever you would have to come to my house, because its sitting in front of my computer right now. :)

  • You might just be skinny.


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