What attracts you to guys?

Ok, so I'm quite curious about a couple things. This could be very educational if enough people comment and answer. these are also a buch of questions I've seen. Guys input is welcome to.

Ok girls, so here's a couple questions..

what attracts yall to guys?

whats the best way to approch girls?

What do girls look for in guys?

best ways to flirt?

best way to be friend a girl?

Things to talk about?

ect... THANKS!

feel free to add more questions, any and all advice, comment, and answers welcomed.
Thank yall so much. Keep it goin! Lol :D


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  • what attracts yall to guys - Personality, I really love a guy with a sense of humor and can make me laugh (thats a must), good taste in clothes, smart and overall confidence in himself but not cocky, that's such a turn off.

    whats the best way to approch girls - Depends where you are, never try any cheesy pick up lines I'll usually just laugh and brush himoff. Try sitting beside her if she's sitting alone and introducing yourself. Compliment her, and make her feel comfotable.

    What do girls look for in guys - I personally look for a guy that's real, honest, trustworthy has his own opinions and isn't afraid to say what he feels. I also prefer a guy I'm goodfriends with first and can talk to about anything.

    best ways to flirt - I don't know about other girls but I love playful teasing, and flirting. sitting with his arm around me and touching.

    best way to be friend a girl - share interests, get to know her. ?

    Things to talk about - Not to seem self centered but ask about her self, what she likes, her interests and be a good listener.


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  • what attracts y'all to guys?


    whats the best way to approach girls?

    be non threatening, charming, funny, interesting

    What do girls look for in guys?

    looks & personality & morals

    best ways to flirt?

    no pua stuff, no cheesy lines, just show that you're interested smile/touch/be close

    best way to be friend a girl?

    tell her you're attracted or flirt often to show her beforehand so she can see you in a friendly& sexual way not just as a friend

    Things to talk about?

    your hobbies/interests, her hobbies/interests

  • Good personality, smile, , friendliness.

    Walk to them, please don`t run.

    A good personality, nice looking, nice manners, taste.

    No cheesy lines and you`re good. Whatever comes naturally to you. No "Get your coat, you`re pulled." I hate that line.

    Just be there for her, give her a shoulder to cry on, comfort her in need, listen to her girl problems and if you can`t provide solutions just pay attention to her and agree with her but also add your own input, well sometimes, mainly just listen.

    Hobbies, interests, likes/dislikes.

    You`re welcome.

  • 1- Confidence, sense of humour, original looks and tastes, knowledge, smell (musky but not sweaty, or just "clean" scent)

    2- That really depends where you are... but something non-intimidating. No pick-up lines, they're never funny. "Hi what's your name?" always works.

    3- same thing as 1

    4- It's all in the eyes, smile, and subtlety. Like, subtle jokes. Light teasing. Touching while talking (like the arm or the small of my back if you're walking behind me)

    5- Interests, the things around you at the moment, movies, music, a show you've been to. Or ask a really out there question like What would you do if the city was invaded by camels?

  • All these answers are my opinion:

    1. A guy with a good sense of humour, and also someone honest. Looks matter slightly but I don't have any real preferences. I'm attracted to a guys smile and eyes.

    2. Just be yourself seriously

    3. I like honest, funny, and friendly guys. I also want to find a guy who is commited and serious about a relationship.

    4. Smiling, eye contact, compliments, hugs

    5. Girls are human beings too, just act normal and be yourself

    6. You can talk about most things on a first date, Tell her about yourself (personality), things you like, ask her some questions too

    Just do what you feel is right

  • - nice hair, nice dress sense, nice face, between 5'4-6'1

    - in a friendly non perverted or intimidating way, smiling

    - nice personality, I dig gentlemanly guys! isn't shallow, knows how to have fun, understanding, isn't up his own arse, funny

    - kindness, 1/2 compliments and be into me and interested in my company, make me laugh

    - uh act friendly I guess?

    - her interests, your interests find something that have in common and make a conversation from that


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  • I'd like to read some examples... some experiences from the girls :)


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