Cosmetic Surgery: Good or Bad?

I've just watched a BBC3 program on cosmetic surgery and it was quite scary, girls as young as 15 having work done, and the risks for botox and permanent fillers seem pretty high.

I agree its everyone's choice to do as they wish, but I don't personally think it will ever appeal to me, although I do understand its use in correcting scars and wounds. A family member is quite adamant that they want to get it done, and I've advised against it, but I'd like to see what other people's viewpoints are about it.


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  • I don't really believe in cosmetic surgery either, unless its necessary.

    I would never get it unless my life depended on it. Yeah I hate the way I look, but I'm not gonna alter my body with surgery.

  • I don't like the idea of cosmetic surgery, its unnatural and makes me feel sad that people are that insecure about their appearence they get someone to change it w a knife,


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