Am I too intimidating to date?

All throughout high school I was always the girl who was friends with the guys and nothing more. Now 3 years later, I find myself in the same position.

I do not think I am unattractive, but I am also not drop dead hot. I grew up with only brothers and all of there friends so I'm more into sports and outdoor activities than most girls... Is this a turn off to men? every time I find myself interested in a guy, it usually ends with them saying I see you as a friend... What's wrong with me lol


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  • possibly because you know how men think, and that's a great thing it's what most of us spend half our lives trying to figure out, how the f*** do their brains work, what motivates them? you have been given gem of a gift and I reckon the men in your life have a good deal of respect for you, that's no small thing.

    you say 3 years later you find yourself in the same position, so that implies you've dated or been with someone special for a time recently. I think you shouldn't blame your personal or female attributes for your circumstances, many factors play a part in matters of the heart after all



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  • i think your just hanging around a wrong crowd of guys. I like tom girls a lot in fact I perfer them over girlie girls anyday. Seeing that you grew up with only brothers, it makes sense you grew into getting along with guys than playing the "love game", ya know?

    • I want to know how to play the love game though haha. I haven't had a serious relationship, and would love at some point get to experience that..

    • uhhhhm... don't know what to tell ya. Experiment a bit, don't just talk to them like your homies. get shy and blush, and show cleavage lol

  • It has nothing to do with intimidating. Most guys just have their mind set on how a girl should be. The guys you are around just have something different in mind. Switch up your group.

    Plus, maybe they think that "friends" is all you want?

  • Yeah you're scary! I'm afraid you might bite me through my computer screen, sh*t I'm getting hte hell off this thread!

  • That's just a myth. Men are almost never intimidated by a woman. There are women we are attracted to. There are women we are not attracted to. That's it.

    It's also a myth that we have to "accept you the way you are". We don't. You need to be willing to look at your unattractive traits and change them. Most women in your position are more interested in being validated than having a relationship, so the won't change...and consequently end up alone.

    I've looked at your picture. You're very good looking woman. I think you come off like a guy in your behavior, so guys treat you like a guy. Masculine traits are okay in my female friends, but in my girlfriend.

    • plenty of them are intimidated by women. half the guys on here (usually 18-24's) if you say something halfway intelligent and confidently they're ready to crucify you ! you know, because you dare talk about something other than their cocks. they're not ready to admit they're gonna change and want real Qualities in a girl, because what they think about now is partying and getting laid mostly.

      remember boys mature a lot later emotionally, they don't have the life experience yet to know - you'll do fine.

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    • saying you'd never date a 100 year old woman is not really an argument is it?! there's nothing wrong with this lady being 100% herself - she'll only attract the Right men by doing so. Not all girls are girly-girls. I'm prime example myself and I did just fine, guys like you we practice on, we wouldn't take you home to the family ;0)

    • Actually the 100 year old woman is a good argument. Sexually attraction is an objective quality not subjective. It's actually wrong for a woman to be 100% herself if the qualities are unattractive. I know it's against conventional wisdom, but it's the truth. There is a competency involved here.

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  • Try to be more girly. YOu look kinda like a tomboy from your pics


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