Great time with girl, kiss her, then some sort of chick flick style drama?

This happened a while ago so I don't really care about the girl anymore but just very curious.

So I met this girl abroad for a day then when I happen to be on a business trip at where she lives. So we wined and dined, really great time, laughed for about 3-4 hours to no end...

As we left the place, she asked me "so which way are you going?", I pointed left... then she said "Oh, completely the opposite direction... but I'll walk with you to your hotel anyway"... So we walked and talked... got to the hotel and starting saying good bye...

At this point, I thought, I might not see this girl for a long time, I like her, I could a) do nothing and stay as "pen pals" or b) kiss her and make something happen. I went for option b), I thought it was pretty forward especially being at a hotel (albeit a top notch 5-star hotel) but had nothing to lose. So I kissed her, I pulled a away, looked at her, everything seemed cool but then she smiled and asked, "Are you making a move?" (was it not obvious?), I then said with a smile "Yes, I am making a move" (lol)... I went to kiss her again but this time she was hesitant and drew back... then she said "sorry, really sorry, no..." and we just said bye and made our separate ways...

We messaged each other a few times afterward, she doesn't have a BF... but now she has gone silent. Just curious as to what happened there. Feel free to ask for more details if that helps with your analysis! Haha. Thanks.


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  • Lol, that is chick flick-like. Well I think she asked "are you making a move?" because she was startled and didn't really know how to respond to the kiss, it bought her some time. She might've also said that as a way of asking if all of that was leading to sex. I'm pretty sure that's the reason she pulled away and left. She didn't want to risk a one-night stand kind of deal. Since you guys live apart from each other she probably wasn't looking for a relationship with you and decided to let things be before they started heading in that direction. Long-distance relationships can be difficult.


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