How can I look like a 19 year old?

i am a 17 year old girl and I would like tips on how to look older? would anyone been able to tell me how?


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  • make-ups...

    • on the second thought, why do you want to cheat your age?

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    • okay thank you <3

    • underage drinking is dangerous. don't do it. my best friend is living proof.

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  • 2 questions

    why 19?

    and why would you want to look older. don't you know many guys prefer girls who look younger. besides, what happens if he thinks your 19, you tell him your 19 but your really 17 and you guys wind up having sex (especially if he's over 18).

    please think about this before doing ANYTHING


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  • thats not always a good idea..

    • positive only please

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    • hmm, QA this isn't negative, negative would be something mean like "WHORE!" <- that's negative, but if you want look older knock yourself out but trust me its not always a good idea.

      @ Ingway: mmhmm ;)

    • 3 hours ago

      Question asker: not prom :p the youth would like to drink :p

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