What should I do to fix my hair?

It's been over 5 months since I ve been dying my hair black. Which I LOVEEE! A month or so ago I was upset and ruined my hair with blond hair dye ( I was trying to colour over what I thought was faded brown hair) it just bleached my roots orange and some of my hair. The next day I went to the store and did it over with black, and saved my hair) Now the black is starting to fade( my roots are light brown) and I would like to go back to my natural colour( meduim ash brown) and grow it really long...what should I do?
i just noticed that some of the top of my head is lighter at the back and the front adn the ends are a lot darker...YUCK... I ve heard of adding baking powder to shampoo does that work?


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  • black is a hard pigment to strip outta your hair... but if I were you id gradually tone the color back to your original every 2-3months buy a lighter brown... striping it too fast can fry your hair and in turn kill your hair, just take it slow. on a side note use some shampoo and conditioner that's for color treated hair.

    • i m pretty sure you can't just dye over black at lest I can't right now...but I didn't really think of that dying it lighter as I go:) that's an interesting idea...and summer is comming up so I was thinking the sun would fade it fast...colour tends to fade in my hair ( the black is the only colour that stayed..)

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    • as per your update I'm not sure I haven't tried it myself but I did alittle searching for ya and found this, maybe it will help


    • I think I might try using dandriff shampoo like head and shoulders once I run out of my coconut shampoo and conditioner. Thanks a lot whoever posted that forum it s really interesting!

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