Do guys really judge you on your looks?

its seems like guys only judge me on my looks. Never my personality. They think I'm some snobby girl who wouldn't give them a chance to talk to me. But when I do open my mouth their surprised on how nice I am. I'm a shy girl who doesn't speak a lot, is it because of that?
Im very nice and outgoing its just that I'm shy when talking to someone I don't know in real life.


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  • Hi,

    It seems to me your physically very attractive. But I also get the impression you're a truly lovely person as well, actually I know that you are.

    You see, being physically attractive doesn't make you beautiful. Oh no. No sir-eee. Being beautiful is a different kettle of fish all together.

    You're on the right tracks to becoming beautiful. I can see that. Not because you're physically attractive, that has nothing to do with it. But because you're not vain. But do be careful. As it's an easy trap to fall into, is vanity.

    Try to let your personality shine through. Find someone who has the same beliefs, the same fundemental values in life that you have. Don't be too concerned about your looks getting in the way, don't compare yourself to others.

    If the guys you meet can only see the person on the outside, then that is there loss for being ugly themselves. If they was beautiful, they would see past that, and see that wonderful person inside that you are. You can't make someone beautiful, as that comes from within.

    Don't let your looks spoil who you are. One day, you will meet someone who isn't short sighted, who isn't vain and mean to you because you are physically attractive and they are not spiritually beautiful enough to see past that. One day you will meet someone who values your beliefs, your hopes, your ambitions and your dreams, and they will want to help you achieve. And they will beautiful, no matter what they look like, and you will be beautiful, as you won't care either.

    Hope this helps.


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  • I'd be lying if I said they didn't, but they do. Attraction is just one of the very first things we notice. How about this? If a guy takes the time to actually have a pleasant conversation with you, and get to know you, then perhaps you're on a good path. It's quite easy to spot a guy who just wants to get in your pants.

    • ooh yeah I knowm it sucks though!

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    • Wow that is rare. How do you pronounce that? What's the meaning?

    • Solei the l is silent at the end. It means sun in french

  • I guess it's everyone's insecurity that gets the best of them. I mean yeah it's easy to write off the girl driving a brand new Audi S5 as a snobby daddy's girl but I'm sure there is more to her than what meets the eye.

    The hard part is I have tried not judging girls like this and from my experience the girls I have talked to have turned out to be snobby...

    So what's a guy like me supposed to do?

    • Same here. Pretty girls have more often than not turned out to be snobby and bitchy, so I don't feel as bad avoiding them just to be cautious. It's sad, I know, but I'm just like everyone else and have been shaped by experience.

  • Yea, guys do judge on looks. I think it has more to do with how you dress in public though. So if you have a nice body but you dress conservatively, you might come off as girl next door. But if you walk around with neon pink daisy dukes, clear stripper heels and your shirt reveals your Inca tribe back tattoo and belly button piercings all the time, you send a message that not only are you not reserved, but don't mind people staring at you, and that you're a party animal and loose. It's biased I know, but humans in general make stereotypes all the time. I suggest you wear a shirt that says "I'm a geek at heart" and wear Lisa Loeb glasses. haha.

    I try not to be bias but if I see a girl dressed as a hoochie , and she's wiggling are butt and not making any eye contact with anyone and acting like she's oblivious to all the guys staring at her, and is strutting like she's on the cat walk and looks pissed off all the time with her nose up, I'll assume she a snob.

    • I don't think it's biased at all, people dress for the job they want.

    • Bias is all there is buddy, go and walk into a job interview wearing shorts and the company will think you're a dumb ass!

  • PEOPLE judge each other on looks, regardless of gender.

    Yes a guy is going to judge you specifically on your looks. They'll look at you and think, "Oh here is another pretty girl. I'll talk to her if I feel like getting rejected or talked down to, which I don't."...or whatever else a guy might say. A lot of guys feel a mix between insecurity and entitlement. I just read another question on here a few minutes ago where a guy asked if beautiful girls go for average guys. Everyone wants a beautiful partner, but feel that leagues are the only thing that determine that kind of stuff.

    So yeah, they'll put you out of their category simply out of habit and might not even bother talking to you.

  • Sounds pretty much perfect. You really shouldn't have any trouble attracting guys (as you've probably figured out). The challenge will be weeding out the ones you don't like.

  • Looks is an important part of judging a person,but not the most important,it's personality. so just be what you are.

  • I always judge a woman on how she looks. I wouldn't think a woman is snobby if she was shy.

  • Could be. Quiet people can come off as arrogant.

    • I guess I shouldn't have agreed with you. lol

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    • Well then you could also say any type of person CAN come off as arrogant lol

    • Damn, now you know my secret.

  • girls are just as shallow as guys are

  • For many men, personality is taken into account, when judging a girl.

  • Based on your hair and eyes, I would typically assume you're an unintelligent extraverted completely social party girl. One of those casual weirdos I avoid.


    • im not that at all, I just like looking pretty in my pictures.

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    • Chill guys. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and clearly everyone has different ideals when it comes to looks. If Soleil isn't anon's 'type' then that's fair enough. But what he has done is proven her point. People, even the least shallow, do take one look at some people and decide that they don't want to get to know that person. What has also been proven is that that can be a stupid thing to do because you can miss out on some very lovely people. Which is think is Soleil's point?

    • It was my purpose, apparently.

      I really do sometimes make shallow judgements, like just that.

      Snap! You have way too much makeup, and you have the label.

      It's not just the "shy reluctance" and "asociality" that labels you as "snobbish".

      The appearance clearly adds to it.

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  • Being quiet+the way you look will make people think that you're looking down on them by not talking to them you're pretty so I don't think that you should make yourself look bad just so people see you as nice,and you shouldn't change who you are,if you really are nice,others will pick up on that once they get to know you,so you should focus on guys who you get to talk to a lot

  • If that's you in your icon, I'd say it's probably partly because of all the makeup you wear... Girls who go heavy on the makeup and have flashy clothes tend to be stuck-up and materialistic. Mature guys will usually avoid girls like that. I'm not saying that that's how you are, just that most girls like that are. So a lot of guys would just assume that you were like that too.

    I'm kinda shy and I don't speak a lot but nobody has ever told me they thought I'd be snobby... so that's probably not why they think that. But by being shy and quiet, don't get to prove their original opinion is wrong until you actually talk to them.

    • yes that's me, I guess you could be right. I'm trying to go more with the natural look

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    • Let us know how it works out for you! :)

    • Good for you. There is a girl, I like, who is drop dead gorgeous. I never believed she would come out on a date with me, if she was dolled up to the nines, because I would have saw her as completely unapproachable. Well, apart from **** heads, and she has had fill with those. :)

  • It's like that with me too girl, don't worry... If he isn't going to take the time to get to know you & is only going to judge you on your appearance, go find a guy who will appreciate you inside & out... I knw I'm a grl, but I just wanted to help :) good luck


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