What is beautiful??

Here is my answer.

Let me tell you what it isn't;

It isn't being concerned about how you look. It isn't comparing yourself to others on how they look. It isn't thinking about how you can improve your appearance through plastic surgery. It isn't looking in the mirror and wishing you looked different. It isn't thinking how you look is holding you back, in relationships, in work or in life in general. It isn't being jealous of other people. It isn't thinking you're gorgeous. It isn't thinking you can get anyone. It isn't believing your the dogs b*******.

Let me tell you what it is;

It compassion and caring for others feelings, wants and beliefs. It's about being considerate to those around you, more so the ones you don't really like. It's about who you are inside, your hopes, your dreams, your ambitions and how you go about achieving them. It's about seeing the best in other people. It's about being genuine to who you are. It's about accepting your own flaws, and then accepting the flaws in others, and seeing past those flaws to all the positive and amazing qualities. It's being true, honest and sincere.

And to me, that's what being beautiful is all about.

feel free to share your own interpretation;


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  • I think you have just pinned the tail on the donkey! I could not have said it any better! MASTERFUL!


What Guys Said 2

  • Beauty is quite literally in the eye of the beholder. That's the perfect way to describe it. It could also be explained using Math, if you were to get technical.


    • If you mean Phi, yes, you can. But that is only physical attractiveness.

      I believe beauty is in the HEART or the SOUL of the beholder.

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    • Let's get mathematical about it...interesting...

    • Be kind. :)

  • beautiful = girls naked f***ing with each other.

    (I'm a romantic)

    • no, that would be your fantasy.

    • ok then, beautiful=my fantasy

    • You know, I'm going to agree with you. So long as you were all true to each other about what your intentions were, if those were the dreams, goals and ambitions of everyone involved, then yes, I suppose that could be classed as beautiful. So long as your heart and soul was in it. I agree.

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