Baggy clothes...What do you think?

Just trying to figure out what girls think about a dude wearing baggy clothes. I know back in my hometown a lot of the girls said they didn't like when guys wore them or at least they acted that way. I remember one time in one of my classes the girl I liked at the time was explaining what she wanted and didn't want in a guy(we all had to explain things we wanted in a girlfriend or boyfriend...Don't ask because I don't even know why lol ) and she said something like "one that does NOT wear baggy clothes." It seemed like a somewhat subtle shot at me.(ouch, I know ) Anyway obviously from that you can get that baggy clothes are what I wear and the attitude of the girls from my hometown about them. What I want to know though is, do a lot of girls have a problem with guys dressing like this? I'm trying to see what I got going against me haha...Thanks


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  • I don't mind a guy wearing baggy coats or pants, I mean we can't wear tight fitting clothes everyday. Its nice to dress-down once inawhile.

    But for guys who constantly do this kind of irratates me (pet peeve, sorry :p) I just think it comes across as very unattarctive, like you just rolled out of bed. If a guy constantly wears really baggy clothing, personally for me it shows a lack of self-confidence like he's trying to hide his body and who he is because he's not comfortable with himself. Occasionaly - who cares. But all the time - I'd suggest not doing it. You should want to dress up and be presentable, enjoy who you are and what you wear, and not just because you have too. (:

    • hmm interestin...the reason I dress like this is just because it's what I like to wear, not really because of a lack of self -confidence (but I'll admit I'm tryin to improve in that area)...anyway thanx, it's cool getting some different views on this

    • Yea np, I mean a guy could wear baggy clothes and be totally obsessed with himself. depends iguess.

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  • Ermmm... well I rather go for a guy who wore tight clothes and showed off his musles more. Yummy... lol. Narhh, the guy should feel comfortable as welll which is important. But I rather have a man with tight clothes.

  • Personally, I don't have an issue with it. I think you should wear whatever you're most comfortable in. Also, I think it's nice when guys (and people in general) dress how they want to and not how anyone else wants them to.

    If a girl is so superficial that she wouldn't date you because of your clothes, is she really worth investing your time in? (There's a rhetorical question for you, right there! ;p)

  • I can't really say anything because my boyfriends clothes are kinda baggy, but... if they're super baggy, like wannabe gangster kid baggy then eww. Clothes that fit well are better. Not tight, necessarily, because not everybody looks good like that, but not really baggy either. Somewhere in the middle.

    Most guys dress like that, so I'm guessing most girls don't have a problem. I actually know a girl who is really into guys wearing really baggy pants. She's from a small Texan town and likes the hick look.


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