When he looks over and smiles when someone says to you how Simon Baker is attractive?

I'll keep this as the basics

but yeah, Simon Baker plays Patrick Jane on the show the mentalist.

And he is pretty damn fine for an older guy but I think the fact he is portraying an intelligent character makes him more appealing to me than his looks.

so someone was saying how they watch the mentalist and they turned and said how they thought that Simon Baker is good looking - she turned and directed it at me.

and her son was also sitting and when she turned and said this and looked over and smiled, I didn't really have time to respond to her saying this as she continued listing what she watches.

basically, what is your opinion on this and if it were you who had looked over and smiled; what would your reason be?
ah, I see what I've done, what I meant was, when she turned and said this to me her son looked over and smiled


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  • I'm not sure if I understand this perfectly, but...

    She might have smiled at you, because she thought you could relate to her or understand what she means?

    • i meant the guy looked over and smiled when she said this to me

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