Looking for Korean friends, advice?

I love Korean dramas, I even learned how to speak the language on my spare time because me and my best friend are planning a trip to Korea for two months. Is there any Koreans on here? Because I would love to actually make friends with some. Maybe people that actually lives in Korea so when I come to visit I at least know someone. Thanks.

oh and which place is most beautiful to visit in Korea. I mean I will be staying for 2 months might as well stay in a place with never lasting surprise.


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  • English isn't your first language though, is it?

    • no it's not. you can tell by my writting?

    • Yup. It's understandable, but a little bit off in some of its phrasing.

    • oh lol ya now that I went back and read it I can see what you mean.

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