Ladies, fashionistas, can you please share some girls night out outfit ideas?

I'm having a girls night out in a couple of weeks, and I would love some outfit ideas. I'm a fuller figured lady, so stuff that will look good, I have big boobs and a big butt, smaller waist. I'm not sure how the weather is going to be either, should be warmer, but maybe something that will be warm for later, also we are going to bars too after a nice dinner at a restaurant.

Oh I almost forgot! I'm blond, and 21 so something that would work for a 21 year old.


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  • I would go for something that accentuates your waist. Since you think it would be warm, I would try out a skirt, not too short though. Maybe an A-line skirt that skims just above your knees? Or a pencil skirt, same length (a slit up the side would add a nice touch). For the top: a blouse that hugs your waist - if you have a bright bold coloured tank to go underneath leave the blouse unbuttoned. And you could pair that with a long sleeve cardigan in case it gets chilly. Also, to further accentuate your waist, wear a belt, but make sure you don't buckle it too high.

    I hope this helps considering I know nothing of your current style! :)


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