Should I be normal when I see her? What would you do in this situation?

So I meet a beautiful girl in class, and ask her out and she said yes, then cancel, I was looking forward to getting to know her. I A week later I told her I was interested in talking to her and she said she just got out of a relationship. Then a maybe 5 days later my friends girl friend ask her "hey what happen you didn't like him, and she said he is really cute and fun to be with but I'll pass. What confuses me is that she looks at me a lot in class and smiles at me, should I be normal when I see her and gradually forget her or should I continue to try. I can't make a sane decision because I have a huge crush on her and can't think straight.
Wao one year!


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  • Put her on the backburner and keep dating other people. It won't help to get tunnel vision.


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