What hairstyle should I go for?

ill load a pic on my profile in a few minutes.

but I just what honest opinion on what kinda hairstyle ya'll think I should go for...im trying to grow my hair out at the moment (but my hair grows so damn slow). I also have a, what I consider a big nose and forehead. I have a round face aswell.

I know I can get extensions...but in the mean time I'm trying to grow my hair out.

Can I take some Vitamins, but what kind?

What hairdo should I go for? (please feel free to put a link)

Also I live in a humid place where the heat continuely ruins my hair...how can I fix this?


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  • long natural hair I think is a good hairstyle,you don't really need vitamins to grw out your hair,just massage your scalp and brush it a lot for it to grow faster plus you can pull on it

  • You should keep it the way it is for now,it doesn't look bad at all. Also once your hair grows out,your hair will probably look pretty flat cause it seems to be quite thin so you should work on getting volume,also I've heard olive oil helps hair growth.here's an idea on how you should style your hair if it grows out (some peoples hair stops growing at a point) link just an idea for the style but your hair won't look like that cause hers is much thicker


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