Which makeup look should I wear for each day?

there are 4 days, 4 makeup looks. I want to do each look once.

Tuesday: school, meeting study group in library

wednesday: school, dr's appointment, homework

Thursday: school, hanging out and doing homework at friend's house

friday: school, coffee with small group of friends, dinner with guy I like plus some other friends

makeup looks:

1. white, light purple, and light green eyeshadow (a real springy look), sheer rosy brown lip gloss

2. magenta eyeshadow, berry tinted lip gloss

3. champagne colored eyeshadow, red tinted lip gloss

4. teal eyeshadow, nude pink shimmer lip gloss

btw when I say tinted for 2 and 3 I mean a very light color. very sheer berry and very sheer red.


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  • Hmm well if you know how to apply makeup well then you can experiment but I have to say I have seen some really, really bad colorful eye makeup in my time and I know guys don't like it. Neutral colors are more guy friendly and bring out your features nicely. I'd do brown eye shadows with a little pop of color on the bottom lash line if you want that extra kick but hey it's your face and I'm sure you know what looks good on you. But I'm sure it will be pretty anyway since you planned it all out so nicely ^_^


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  • I would recommend a smoky eye for the last day rather than a bright teal. Some guys really don't like bright eye makeup but a colored smoky eye is great. I would recommend doing a blue smoky eye with urban decay's sabbath over any primer and urban decay's sin e/s as a hilight color. The rest of the days look great! Hope this helps!

  • Sorry I'm not that complicated haha.

    For the first 3 days I would wear neutral eyes, pink blush, and peach lipgloss. And for friday, maybe number 3. xD


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