Trimming/waxing down there...any tips?

I have trimmed my bush (just normal scissors) and it got all pokey.the first day it was alright but then later even when I walk it can feel it and it makes me feel itchy.

also for waxing around the area, anyone know of any specific good products from relable companies? (i've only tried two so far and one didn't do anything and the other just left the same bumps as in razor burn)


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  • Sally Beauty Supply! I worked there and every customer who bought their home waxing kits said their were great! I personally haven't tried them because.well I don't even like having my eyebrows waxed haha. I'm a baby when it comes to a tiny bit of pain. But the women who used the Brazillian kit said it actually wasn't as painful as others. And it's really not that expensive either!

    • Wait.. until birth! ;)

    • Haha oh I know! No idea how I'm gonna get through that lol!

    • Do you know the price of it? What all comes in that kit I'm fairly new to this if you can't tell I have a high pain threshold and I've tried it before lol I can handle it

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