Do guys care about looks as much as girls? GIRLS CAN SHARE ...:)

i care about looks...of course I don't ignore personality

do guys also care about looks?

and if they do ? which body shape the prefer? and what haircut they like ?...etc about make-up ?


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  • Are you serious? Yes, guys care about looks. That's pretty much most of what gets discussed on this site.

    As for me personally, I have been attracted to tall girls and short girls and medium girls, never really been attracted to any overweight girls, I've been attracted to "cute" ones and "pretty" ones and "beautiful" ones. I don't really have a "type." I suppose the way I see it is that her looks draw me in but it's her personality that decides if I stay. I couldn't care less about her haircut or her makeup as long as it's not ridiculous like a some pop star.


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  • Course we care about looks. As long as a girl looks good, I don't really have a hard and fast rule on which type attracts me most, but a girl who uses a lot of makeup is a turn off for me.

  • yes guys do care about looks more. this is pretty much it: link

  • They say that females are the greatest leaders. So many are too retarded to know common sense though; I'm not convinced.


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