GUYS: what does it mean when you (a guy) raise one eye brow the first time meeting a girl?

a guy I just met in church came up to me we shook hands then he scans me from head to toe than back at my face again and then walks away. is this good or bad?


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  • have you ever seen FRIENDS? just like when Joey says "How you doin?" lol! In words it'd be like " not bad".

    I was looking at Marcianos1's answer and he's damn right, come on we are guys we know what we're doing and I gotta say I'm a little bit worried when you say AT CHURCH! and he is a PASTOR? WTH? that ain't right girl.

    Be careful ;)

    • well I was wearing an outfit, and my boobbs were out just a little bit, but I had a sweater on though, so maybe he thoughtthat I shouldn't be wearing that outfi to church, cause he is a pastor...idk...ugh..but thnx for the answering!

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  • it depends how you look at it...he wants to just f** like the sound of that?

    • HAHAHa that's funny but I'm sure that's not it because he is a pastor...and his single.

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    • Maybe if you dressed too revealing for church, looking at you up & down was somewhat to say put something on..? Maybe.. maybe not..

    • well he walked up to her and looked at her body up & down and shook her hands...he obviously like to see more of that...but she knows he is single so I'm guessing she like it too :P

  • Surprised and impressed with how you look.


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  • It sounds to me like he was checking you outt! ;) That's definately a good thing!


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