Girls would you say something if you noticed a guy changed something about himself

normally I don't dress up. I feel men shouldn't have to mainly cause it can appear metro or gay (metro is just a really gay version of being straight). but today I decided to dress up. I didn't think the girl I like would show up but she did, she said I looked nice "today". as if she noticed that I had changed it. if she wasn't interested in me, would she have said something. or do you think she still woulda. by the way, we're not "friends" but we're not "strangers" just sorta see each other every Tuesday occasionally Friday and saturday, sometimes sundays


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  • she did notice. Girls don't usually compliment guys unless they wana start up a conversation... You should've kept talking to her.

    It's kind of our way to "break the ice".

    • i kept it going for like a second then got back to working. she had to go anyway. it was just cool that she noticed that sort of thing

    • don't worry. we notice.. add a smile to it too. that would just kill!

      good luck :)

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  • if she wasn't interested in me, would she have said something

    Sorry but not all girls don't only talk to guys they're interested in.

    The reason some girls only talk to guys they like is because guys like you over analyze

    everything and think it = she's interested in me.

    Some girls are nice. They're just friendly and figure if you don't have anything nice to say don't

    say it and today she had something nice to say about your appearance.

    It looks like since you don't put any effort in your appearance because you find it gay she may

    have been subliminally trying to encourage what you call dressing up.

    Because dressing up to you may equal looking decent to others.


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