How do I know if he's getting bored?

We've been together almost 2 years. In the first few months of our relationship, I would send him (dirty) pictures on his phone. He always responded with "wow, you're hot!" or something to that effect.

Well, recently, I asked him to come home from work on his lunch break. He said he had a meeting he couldn't miss. So, I sent another picture (me in lingerie) with the caption "I REALLY wanted you to come home for lunch ;)" and he replies "Aww. Thanks for the thought. Wish I could." wtf does that mean? Aww? thanks for the thought?!

Is he bored with me?


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  • maybe he was in a meeting , but try to spice things up with him at home like say maybe while he's just playing a game or least expecting it , put on some lingerie on and supries him

    i know how you feel I went through the same kinda thing with my boyfriend

    hopefully it works


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