Beard or no beard?

What do you girls think (age over 21)? I find some girls really like it, then others won't give me a second look. what's up?


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  • Okay, so conceptually, I would say I dislike beards. When I see them on the street, many are not attractive, due to a few reasons: being unkept, they are a style that is bad for the user's face, they seem out of place with head hair or, when paired with certain sub-culture's clothing, scream that this person is not part of a life style that I wish to share.

    Then there is the nit-picky things like food that can get caught in it, how scratchy it can be (some love it, some hate it), or it may send out the signal you don't care about how you look to the opposite gender .

    I caution you, that this is the impulse feeling in my head, but not how it ends up happening in practice (for me). The men I usually date do end up having facial hair. So what gives?

    If you pick a style good for your face, and if you keep up the shape, I find it a sign you are more likely to take care of yourself. Also, the people I date are confident about their beards, and confidence is attractive in itself. They aren't hiding their face - they are accentuating it. Stylistically, I prefer men with a low to moderate beard that ends at the jaw line, as long as it comes in evenly. Just check yourself before you leave the restaurant for any hanger ons. It brings back the warning sign "slob" and I don't want your alfredo sauce smeared on my face.

    For men who don't look good in beards, I give them a seasonal pass. We're often up on the mountains, hiking around, or in places that shaving becomes unpractical. Heck, if I could grow a face sweater during the colder months in Colorado, I would do it in a heart beat, opinions be damned. ;)

  • no beard in my opinion !


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