Called sexy instead of beautiful, Is it a good thing or a bad thing?

I was wondering, if a guy calls you sexy as opposed to beautiful is that a bad thing. I've been called both by one guy that I'm interested in. the only thing that makes me apprhensive is the, well, the fact that one is a branch off of the word sex. lol If a guy calls you sexxy does that mean he only wants you for that reason? or does any not see the difference between calling someone sexy and calling someone pretty, or beautiful?


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  • A girl can be both sexy and beautiful to a guy.

    If a guy calls you sexy it doesn't mean that he's only after you for one thing, it just means that at that moment he probably thinks you look really hot.

    He's just paying you a compliment.


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  • He's just complimenting you honey. He does not realize that you are dissecting his words. He probably means the same thing saying both.


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  • ive always been called sexy, I've been called beautiful almost just as much. rarely do I ever get cute though.

    i think its a good thing either way, he's complimenting you.


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