Should I over look the fact he isn't very cute?

So I meet this guy today and he was very nice he walked me to my car and everything and it was a long walk! so he seems nice but I'm not very attracted to him. his teeth aren't that great either.. so what should I do?


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  • If his teeth is the problem, nothing a good dentist can't handle. If it's his weight, nothing a good gym can't solve either. If it's his body odor, buy him a bar of soap(he'll get the message). If it's his age, well, that might be a problem. Otherwise, you(or any other woman) should not judge based in his height, race, income, face or culture, then there can be only one answer:


    But typical. Having the right to judge is easy, it's what one is using for a basis of comparison.


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  • make it clear that your not into him that way. If he ask you to go out (date) than decline. Don't pull him around on a lease and lead him on thinking that your into him. Answer these questions, Can you picture yourself kissing him? Can you picture yourself having sex with him?

    • i don't think I would decline the date I think I would at least give him a chance. 1 date is a chance

    • I agree with you, the first date is a chance to get to know each other. Accepting a date after that when you don't have feelings for a guy is a problem.

  • *facepalm*

    girls flip when guys say they don't like girls JUST because they're ugly. so if that's your only reason for not dating him, your being shallow

    on the flip side, if his personality is great then go for it


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  • Keep him around because he sounds like he'd be a good friend, but don't date him

    • That's awful, and just using him.

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    • maybe you are right. if I did date him I fell like I might have the upper hand because he thinks I'm just so beautiful.. but I like the fact he isn't an ass like my ex's were... but still tho

    • i understand I have terrible taste in men too but love is not forced so just go with the flow

  • Well its not like he asked for your hand in marriage so you don't have to force yourself to like him. It's always a good thing to look past someones appearance (beautiful or ugly) to their personality. So what, he might not be the most amazing looking guy in the world but he might have a personality that's compatible with yours! Attraction plays a part in relationships but they're not everything. If it's too hard to look past what he looks like then you two aren't supposed to be. Simple as that :)

    • Well reasoned argument.

      Even good looking people age and become, well, not so attractive.

      Some people age really badly. I have a friend who was gorgeous at school, and everyone wanted her, and now, bless her, people don't look twice.

      But I know this other girl, a lot older than me, and she looks great for her age, but when she showed me pictures when she was younger she looks awful.

      Just saying

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