Am I being replaced?

So my boyfriend wrecked his Subaru (car) a few months ago and has recently purchased a new Subaru from salvage. Now he fixed up the previous car he had with aftermarket stuff to make it really spiffy and fast, he's a gear head. Anywho, now I hardly get to see him because he is always working on this car. I mean I only get to see him 3 days out of the week as it is. and its everywhere like when he's on his evo he looking up car stuff...if he on his laptop he is looking up car stuff..that is all that's on his mind. and when I ask him for a little bit of his time he gets all huffy and irritated. I just don't want to be put on the back burner over a car, and that's what I feel is starting to happen. WTF should I do or say?


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  • Don't feel bad. My mother replaced me with a horse. Just look for fun ways to spend your own time. Either he'll get the picture and start paying attention to you or you'll just be rid of him and having fun.


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