How can I get my hair lighter without dying it? .its light brown right now..

i don't want to dye it or put highlights. I've heard olive oil and going out into the sun helps to get it a little lighter. OR putting lemon juice in your hair and going out into the sun? does that help?

any other tips?

thanks for your help!


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  • Lemon Juice!

    It use to work so well for me and I have light brown hair- dirty blond also (the reason I say "use to" is because I don't do it anymore). Take some and pour it into a squirt bottle, and then dilute it with a LITTLE bit of water, so its not entirely pure acid you're squirting on you hair lol Then before you go out in the sun on a sunny day, squirt some throughout your hair (dont forget the roots). If you only diluted it a little bit, then you shouldn't need a lot.

    After a few days of doing this in the summer, I had some nice blond streaks in my hair, especially the front strands. AND it looked natural. The downside of the lemon juice is that it kinda made my scalp itchy, so after a day of it I would deff rinse my hair. Also, it may cause some dryness of your hair.

    If lemon juice doesn't work for ya, I've heard some Green Tea works that same, without the damage and dryness. One thing I do not recommend is Sun-in: it hardly lightened my hair, and rather gave it a reddish tone.


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  • Eat nothing but carrots and try to worry as much as possible.


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  • I have dark brown hair, and olive oil + sun doesn't really do anything to lighten your hair, unless you've dyed it (or so I believe). For example, when my hair was dyed black, it did lift out the dye in this method. When my hair has not been dyed, it has done nothing. I believe (don't actually know) this is because it doesn't chemically work on your hair. Instead, when heating it up, much like hot water, it opens up your hair cutical. This would have one of two results: doing nothing but giving you hair a shine boost as the oil penetrates the shaft, or making the dye in the cutical release easier so that it would lighten the color. Again, that is just conjecture.

    Lemon juice does work (longer to process dependent on hair type) - but can streak in an unbelivable manner if you aren't careful (just like anything). Most people whose hair is lighter than mine recommend 30min- 1 hr of processing time a day, followed by a deep conditioning, and 1 day off to give your hair some rest. They will repeat 4-6 times, allowing the hair to fade into the color over time so it is more believably natural and they can tan at the same time.

    Some henna dyes (all natural, of course), also work decently well.

  • They make this stuff called "Sun-In" I heard that works really well for blondes I'm not sure how it works for other hair colors. But you spray it on then go out in the sun. It's pretty cheap too.

    • oops posted that before I read fhfreakk's post never mind my post, sorry!

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