What really catches a guy's eye when they look at a girl?

you know, like when you first see the girl and you can't help it but smile or say something like "wow".

if the answer's: "she would be beautiful", then how would she be beautiful specifically? long hair and pretty eyes with barley any make-up? great smile?


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  • I actually can't remember what caught my eye about my girlfriend but I love her now and always think she looks amazing but at times I do think wow how good she looks. EG the other day we were at this spot we go in the park lying down listening to the radio together and I was looking at her after I had just kissed her thinking wow she is so beautiful because her skin is so clear and fair. Her cheeks have a real natural glow and her eyes really do sparkle! I looked at a pic of her too of a trip we went on and thought wow her hair looks great tied back and when she is in light conditions she stands out more. Her face is more visible and she has a great kind of contrast between the lightness of her skin then the redness of her lips and her hair and wow she looks amazing but when I first saw her I didn't even look at her in that way tbh. It was only after talking to her for a while and being up close to her I noticed after a while she was dead pretty and talking with her I knew she was clever and funny too! The 3 needs of a guy of a girl! beautiful, funny and smart! I love her! And not just for those reasons, they are just the dumbed down outlines


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