I feel like an A** for breaking up with her?

Okay so I feel totally like an ass and I'm devastated I broke up with my girlfriend today. I was her first love and first everything. I'm much older than her by 8 yrs, her being only 20 and me 28. We dated for about a year and for myself what drew us apart was lack of sex appeal in my mind.

My girlfriend was born and raised until she was 8 in China by her uncle and she often says she wished she was taught how to be more girlie growing up. During the course of our dating I tried my best to pull that side outta her but with no luck. However I do feel slightly mislead in our relationship. When we first started to hang she would do her hair and put on pretty eyeliner and make up. As we began dating she would put on an occasional "sexy" lingerie outfit or two.

But however as the year went along and we began to date more all that just seemed to change. An example is my birthday was this Tuesday and we were going to go out this weekend for it and celebrate. She lives outta town and I swear to god I say her in the same yoga pants the WHOLE weekend. Grant it she looks cute in them but if she could have wore them out to dinner and the dance show we went to she would have. Lol we ended up going out and she went out the house for dinner with no make up this shirt that was missing like 2 buttons and she was like I"ll just mismatch them as she button it up. I was like omg to her and she was like what? I've probably spent like close to $1000 putting clothes on this girl and she just doesn't get it. Like come on girls I bought her UGGS for Xmas and she said they hurt her feet...yet than was like later they are cute and wears them all the time. Another good example of no just getting what sexy is, is lol during Xmas she came to my house to meet me and was like I'm wearing something sexy...I was like what the hell? The bad part was my folks were standing right there and we were on our way to dinner for Xmas. Women out there, who does that? Why wear sexy lingerie under your clothes and we can't do anything about it.

Finally, we have had countless problems with when she goes down town it is horrible! I've been with plenty of girls but its so bad I've asked her to stop several times. Last time she cut me :( I didn't even know you could cut someone going there. I asked her one time could she do it harder and go down deeper a half inch and it would be wonderful and she said NO! That's why I kinda feel like even though I love my girlfriend or ex now with all my heart and I've even been crying we aren't together now I don't think it will ever work. I don't think I"m asking for much but its like she doesn't even try. I just can't take it anymore, but I love her. helps!


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  • Just find another girl. I think its good that you've broken up with her because it seems that this relationship wouldn't have worked out in the longer term anyways.

    Don't contact her and make her confused. Its fine you feel bad about breaking up with her but its going to happen sooner or later anyways.

    If you see her or hear about her with someone else you might want to contact her and try to get her back.

    Don't do it. Move on and good luck.

    PS- the fact that you feel bad about a relationship being over is a good thing. Only heartless people feel nothing when their relationships dissolves.

    • aww...thanks for thinking I'm not heartless :op I totally agree with the sooner than later thing. Thanks for the advice :)

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  • Well if she ever asks why, just link her to this, in case she never really understood how big of a deal that is.

    And if you never actually told her, that's your fault.We're the ones with the subtle hints, but we expect men to be straightforward and tell us when something is wrong.

  • petty


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  • WTF, ever heard of getting a full night's sleep before ranting like an imbecile?


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